LG SIDE BY SIDE FRIDGES 519L/18.3ft³ SXS Fridge Silver GCFB507PQAM

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  • Brand: LG
  • Product Code: GCFB507PQAM
  • Availability: In Stock
The LG SIDE BY SIDE FRIDGES 519L/18.3ft³ Silver GCFB507PQAM is a spacious and energy-efficient fridge that is perfect for large households. It has a total capacity of 519L, with the fridge and freezer compartments located side by side. The fridge features a multi-air flow system that evenly distributes cool air throughout the fridge, keeping your food fresh for longer. The freezer has a frost-free feature that prevents ice buildup, making it easy to maintain. The fridge also features a digital display and temperature control, allowing you to set the temperature to suit your needs. The door-mounted ice maker and water dispenser provide convenience and allow for easy access to chilled water and ice. Shop now at Housewife's Paradise.
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